The 10 Types of Male Nurse



“You need anything? Help with a turn? A sheet change?”

Actually, yes, your patient is soiled in C. diff diarrhea, down to his knees.

“Cool, cool,” says The Scam Artist, walking briskly past your room, “let me just refill this pitcher, and I’ll be RIGHT IN.” Continue reading “The 10 Types of Male Nurse”

99 Essential Nursing Truths (Part 2)


49. There are very few legitimate contraindications to getting a patient OOB.

48. Physical therapists: What do they do, exactly?

47. You will know C. diff when you smell it. No need to wait for those lab results.

46. No matter how busy or tired you are, never let your patient sit in shit. Don’t be “that nurse.” Continue reading “99 Essential Nursing Truths (Part 2)”

99 Essential Nursing Truths (Part 1)


99. Never walk onto a peaceful, well-functioning unit and say: “Quiet night.”

98. The most hellish patient assignments are strictly reserved for when you show up to work hungover.

97. When you need a hemostat, you will only have a pair of scissors. When you need a pair of scissors, you will only have a hemostat. Continue reading “99 Essential Nursing Truths (Part 1)”